[E3 2012] Dishonored Preview

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Traditionally, the stealth genre has either focused on the use of existing technology, such as in Metal Gear Solid 3, or futuristic technology right out of a science fiction flick, best seen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. However, with Bethesda’s Dishonored, the genre takes a whole different route and places the grunt of the character’s techniques in the supernatural. From what we saw at E3, it’s looking great so far and chunks of our minds are still being cleaned off the floors of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

In addition to the general weapons like guns and crossbows that Corvo Atano, the main protagonist and assassin, will have access to, he will be able to control of supernatural powers as well; these include but aren’t limited to the likes of teleportation and possession. Stuck in the traditional mindset of merely sneaking by an enemy with only natural means, I was dumbfounded at first. However, it soon dawned on me how these powers could be put to new creative uses. Teleport behind an enemy and sneak to safety; possess an enemy, then run into an alley and slit his throat; players can even take control of animals and targets to position them favorably and execute missions. Players need only think of it and the world will provide an outlet for it.

Like other games before it, Dishonored also provides the tools for action-oriented strategies to be successful, whether it stopping time and plucking them off one-by-one or summoning a pack of rats to do the dirty work. Aside from supernatural elements, the game still provides adequate physical tools for players to assassinate their targets. More reserved gamers with a taste for blood can still sneak up and execute targets with a quick slit of the throat or go in with guns a blazing and parrying attacks to stagger enemies for an action-packed experience.

The open-world philosophy that we see so much in Bethesda’s other works is in full effect here. We can’t wait to see the ideas that gamers will have and upload on YouTube when Dishonored is released October 9, 2012.

Davis Fan[E3 2012] Dishonored Preview