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[Review] Warriors All Stars Shoots For the Moon and Misses

In PC, PS4, Reviews by Davis Fan

Koei Tecmo has gone from a humble publisher with only a handful of titles under its belt to the absolute powerhouse it is now. Sporting releases like those from the Atelier series, Dead or Alive series, and obviously the Warriors games, the publisher is definitely one of the big boys in the arena now. With great power comes the opportunity …

Davis Fan[Review] Warriors All Stars Shoots For the Moon and Misses
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[Review] Fate/EXTELLA Falls Short

In PC, PS4, Reviews, Switch, Vita by Davis Fan

Though the Fate series may not be the cash cow that other anime series are in the United States, it certainly has enough appeal in Japan to greenlight practically any type of title it damn well pleases. Enter Fate/EXTELLA, a hack-and-slasher by Marvelous; unfortunately, like many other anime-based titles, it falls short and fails where other original IPs succeed.

Davis Fan[Review] Fate/EXTELLA Falls Short
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[Preview] Ariel – Making Walking in Space Less Enjoyable than Walking IRL

In PC, Previews by Benjamin Gee

If being stranded on a moon, surrounded by remnants of ominous scientific experimentation, and escaping adverse weather conditions and alien lifeforms while maintaining a healthy diet of grape soda and candy coated peanuts seems like an exciting adventure, Ariel would beg to differ.

Benjamin Gee[Preview] Ariel – Making Walking in Space Less Enjoyable than Walking IRL
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[Preview] Brawlout Has Potential,

In PC, Previews, PS4, Xbox One by Gabriel Macias

I had very high hopes for Brawlout because I am an avid fan of fighting games, specifically for the intense action and crazy competition they bring. At the stage of development the game is in right now, I feel as if it just doesn’t have that magic that most fighting games have yet. There are just way too many flaws and …

Gabriel Macias[Preview] Brawlout Has Potential,
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[Review] AereA: Musical Madness

In PC by Will Wong

Single-player RPGs are one of my favorite genres not just because I have no friends, but also because of the thousands  of combinations between stats and weapons and abilities. In addition, I adore the grinds for epic weapons and mass EXP gains, but unfortunately AereA has none of this, but it does have a cool musical theme.

Will Wong[Review] AereA: Musical Madness
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[Review] Valkryia Revolution Revolutionizes Little

In PS4, Reviews, Vita, Xbox One by Davis Fan

Spin-offs are often money-grabs that fail to capture the magic of the original, though fans will still undoubtedly flock to it as they would any other entry into the primary franchise. Exceptions to this do exist, but Valkryia Revolution is not one of them.

Davis Fan[Review] Valkryia Revolution Revolutionizes Little
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[Review] Valkyrie Drive – BHIKKHUNI: Tonight We Bounce Back

In PC, Reviews by Will Wong

I’ll be honest. Most “beat ’em ups” have the same dull combat mechanics that involves spamming the same combo over and over. But what differentiates the good from the bad are spectacular story lines and artwork. Fortunately, this game is pretty decent in that respect, but it doesn’t overshadow its brawler genre.

Will Wong[Review] Valkyrie Drive – BHIKKHUNI: Tonight We Bounce Back